2017 Tech and Digital sector analysis report

Last updated 24 September 2018

The absurd and obscene drama leading up to the release of the Department for Exiting the EU’s sectoral analyses need not be repeated.

What did matter was that in December 2017, Parliament finally compelled them to release the reports, including the 22 page PDF on the tech and digital sector.

The first 18 pages are a rehash of statistical tables that any high school student would be expected to produce for a basic research report: financial figures, how many businesses are in the sector, and so forth. (Longtime followers of my work will recall how drastically inaccurate those figures are, due to a multi-stakeholder failure to update the taxonomies used to measure the digital economy more than once a generation.)

Two pages provided an overview of the EU regulatory regime and the sector, including the DSM, data protection, the ePrivacy Directive, the free flow of data initiative, the eCommerce Directive, and the NIS Directive. None of these policies, or the context which Brexit poses for them, were addressed in any detail at all.

As with all the sector reports, the views of the sector itself on these matters was redacted from the public paper.

As banal as this information was, it is the basis that DexEU is using for its negotiations. God help us all.