Cross-border parcel delivery and Brexit

Last updated 8 July 2020

This draft regulation attempts to increase cross-border sales of physical goods across Europe by increasing the pricing transparency for cross-border parcel delivery and improving regulatory oversight of the market.

Relevant policy:
Proposal for a Regulation on cross–border parcel delivery services

Progress and developments:
In October 2016 the European Scrutiny Committee of the House of Commons noted that this issue is a chicken-and-egg microcosm of the complexities of Brexit. The Committee asked “We note that the Government will continue to negotiate constructively while “ensuring that this negotiation does not have a negative impact on the wider deal being negotiated.” If there needs to be a trade-off between negotiations on this and other elements of the Digital Single Market on the one hand and the wider negotiation on the other, how will that be resolved? What consultations is the Government undertaking to ensure that it is fully aware of the risks involved in any trade-off?”

A statutory instrument in April 2020 brings an end to all of this.