The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union in 3 months, 12 days, 19 hours and 14 minutes.

It is important for professionals, leaders, and policymakers to understand the impact that leaving the European Union will have on our work in the tech and digital industries. There are implications for everything from privacy to accessibility to copyright, and these changes on the international level are accompanied by a domestic move towards stricter regulation of the internet as well as privatised law enforcement.

This site will track updates and developments on the UK’s implementation or adaptation of specific European policies, regulations, and laws impacting the digital and tech industries throughout the Brexit process. This includes the policy statements from Downing Street and the Department for Exiting the European Union; the adversarial examination of the process from Parliament, including the European Scrutiny Committee; research from the House of Commons Library; and official EU statements pertaining to Brexit and tech.

The policy monitoring is split across two areas: general tech policy issues, and the Digital Single Market strategy.

Two years after the UK voted to leave the European Union, it has become clear beyond doubt that the process is being used, and abused, to fundamentally redraft the legal and social foundations of the internet, our access to it, and our use of it, under the guise of “taking back control”. We must not assume that any domestic equivalents or eliminations of European digital laws will be any better than what they replaced; we must proceed on the understanding that the removal of European safeguards will not protect our industry our or users.

As digital professionals, we are only helpless bystanders to this process if we choose to be. It is more important than ever before for those who will be impacted by these developments to organise, provide informed commentary, and represent our needs throughout the Brexit process and beyond. Please use this site as a resource for those endeavours.