The UK is leaving the European Union in 7 months and 13 days.

It is important for digital professionals to understand the impact this will have on our work. There are implications for everything from privacy to accessibility to copyright, in addition to the fundamental rights of freedom of movement and employment.

This site will track updates and developments on the UK’s implementation or adaptation of specific European policies, regulations, and laws impacting the digital and tech industries throughout the Brexit process.

Each section will attempt to provide

  • An explanation of what the European law or policy in question is;
  • A link to the EU legal text;
  • A link to any UK implementing legal text;
  • A register of UK discussions on that law or policy’s progress and implementation;
  • When possible, a note of the next steps.

As digital professionals, we are only helpless bystanders to these events if we choose to be. It is more important than ever before for those who will be impacted by these developments to organise, provide informed commentary, and represent our needs throughout the Brexit process and beyond. Please use this site as a resource for those endeavours.